About Chef Dylan

My History

Chef Dylan started in the food industry at the age of 15 years old. First as a pizza prep cook at a neighborhood pizza shop- where he began to acquire his foundational skills in food service. His love for food and the pleasure it brought people only continued to be ignited when he moved on to work at both Newick’s seafood restaurant and on their Lobster Boat in Dover, NH.

In 1997, Chef Dylan’s father started the ‘Sausage Express’ food cart in front of Home Depot in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. While working alongside his father Chef Dylan continued to hone his skills in food service and customer service, while also learning all the details of running an efficient sole proprietorship.

In 2002 and fresh out of high school, Chef Dylan continued the legacy, and opened his own sausage cart at the Seabrook, NH Home Depot. Business was great! By 2012 the pair invested into a larger food truck properly named ‘The Wild Child Express’ a scratch food cart that was a central fixture on the campus of University of New Hampshire, in Durham for 5 awesome years. In 2015 and after nearly 20 years of street cooking, the pair made the decision to close the food cart doors for good, and Mr. Long went into retirement.

This independence allowed for Chef Dylan to work under Chef Jason Miller in York, Maine for a year. During this time Chef Dylan was able to soak in all the different techniques and skills. His newly acquired skill set in combination with his foundation and experience launched Chef Dylan into the world of personal chef catering and services. He was able to focus on his clients individual needs and create the meals they were dreaming of.

In 2021 Chef Dylan was approached and offered deal too good to pass on. This secondary business venture is when Plan it Fresh Express was born. It took about 1 year from the moment we met with the Grappone Team, to the day the Express version of Chef Dylan’s ‘Plan it Fresh’ and love of food was on site and operating. Opening in April of 2022 Plan It Fresh Express has been such a learning and growing opportunity, coming so far from Chef Dylan’s early work with his sausage cart in the early 2000’s.

The In home branch of the business

The Food Truck branch of the business

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